Zubr Shaped Light Installation Appears In Minsk City Centre

An unusual light installation in the shape of the Belarusian zubr has recently appeared in Minsk city centre. 

A symbol of Belarus in the centre of Belarus.

Besides the zubr shaped sculpture on Dziaržynskaha, the local authorities plan to install up to ten light compositions at various city locations.

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The “Moose” figures are to be found on Prytyckaha street, “Light Arch” and “Horse with a carriage” at plošča Svabody, and “Light Boulevard” on Herciena street.

Recall that the first light figures in Minsk appeared at Kastryčnickaja plošča three years ago.

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These were New Year’s balls, which are now installed there every year and already became the square’s signature line.

Source: CityDog.by