Watch Live! Belarus Zubrs And Deer Live Stream Cam Installed At Vitebsk Farm

Tune in to the hunting farm “Krasny Bor” webcams and enjoy a live look at deer, fallow deer and roe deer online in their natural habitat.

Prepare to squee your heart out!

The livestreaming camera was installed at one of the most secluded parts of the farm, away from humans so that animals feel comfortable.

Wild animals are usually active at night and at dusk, when darkness falls the camera turns on infrared illumination.

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However, deer, fallow deer and roe deer often visit places of feeding in the afternoon.

So there is always a chance to see animals at the feeding ground during the daytime!

Unfortunately, the internet connection can be unstable but specialists hope that this won’t discourage nature lovers from observing wild animals.

The initiator of the project is a scientific and practical center for game hunting and management of wildlife resources “Krasny Bor” in the Vitebsk region.

The farm is working on the restoration of the population of zubr, European deer and red deer in the north of Belarus.

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Currently the animals settled down, started bringing offsprings and occupy new territories, the head of “Krasny Bor” Pavel Geshtovt said.

Winter feeding helps wild animals to better adapt to natural conditions. It also helps hunters to  monitor their condition more effectively.

Recall that now you can watch live footage of Minsk historic centre from wherever you are in the world by tuning into one of the city’s webcams.

Source: TUT.BY