You Can Now Learn History Of Belarus Through Cool Postcards

12 stylish postcards tell the history of Belarus from ancients times till 1990s. The collection has been created by the civil campaign Budzma, known for the promotion of the Belarusian language and culture. 

Postcards depict Belarus in pre-Christian times and in the time when it as part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, famous Belarusians – Euphrosyne of Polatsk, Vytautas the Great, Francysk Skaryna; show scenes from the Kosciuszko Uprising, the proclamation of BNR and, finally, the birth of the independent Belarus.


Pre-Christian Belarus


Euphrosyne of Polatsk, the patron saint of Belarus


The Grand Dutchy of Lithuania


All cards are black-and-white, so one can color them as they like. That’s, actually, the main idea behind the postcards – to add color the history of Belarus together!


Francysk Skaryna and the start of book publishing


The Kosciuszko Uprising


The times of BSSR

The postcards will be sold in the biggest book shop in Minsk, Hrodna, Maladzyechna, Polatsk and Babruysk, or can be ordered online.

Some years ago Budzma released a cartoon “Let’s Be Belarusians!”, that became the basis for the collection of postcards.

The cartoon got over 150,000 views on Youtube and was awarded many prizes.