Extremely Rare World War II Plane To Land At Minsk Centre Today

Legendary and extremely rare Ilyushin Il-2 plane will land at Minsk city centre at 6pm on Saturday, April 21.

Meet Ilyusha, the Hunchback, the Flying Tank or the “Flying Infantryman!

Presentation of the reconstructed attack aircraft, one of the two operating in the world, will take place on the territory of the old airport Minsk-1.

The plane will stay in Minsk only for one day for refuelling.

Later it will fly to Brest, then through Poland and the Czech Republic to Germany, where it will take part in the ILA Berlin 2018 air show.

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To make the appearance of the aircraft even more impressive it will be accompanied by the Yak-52 and the modernized turboprop An-2.

Anyone wishing can take a look at the once fought IL-2 for free from 6 to 8pm.

The entrance is through the building of the aircraft repair plant at 10, Aerodromnaya street.

The Il-2 was involved in combat operations. In 1943, it fought along with a young pilot Valentin Skopintsev and an air gunner Vladimir Gumeny.

Destroying three German Me-109s and suppressing the antiaircraft point, the plane was hit by a shell of an antiaircraft gun, and on its way back – it was also fired upon by an enemy pursuit plane.

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The attack was repulsed but the pilot and the wounded shooter had to land the plane “on its belly” on an iced lake near the airfield.

The crew survived but the device went to the bottom. After nearly 70 years, it was raised from the water and restored with historical accuracy, whereupon it again ascended into the air.

Next demonstration flights involving Yak-52 and An-2 will be held this summer as a part of the World Helicopter Championship in Minsk.

About 50 helicopters and airplanes, 45 crews and 100 aviators from 15 countries will take part in the event.

Visitors will see different aircraft from balloons to airplanes. The most spectacular moment of the show is expected to be helicopter racing.

Source: TUT.BY