PHOTOS: Women In White-Red-White Walk Through Minsk On 269th Day Of Protest

Regular weekly walks of Belarusian women in white-red-white clothes and with umbrellas of national colours continue in Minsk. On the 269th day of the protest movement in Belarus, they hit the streets of Minsk at the MAZ Palace of Culture on Partizansky Prospekt. They can be detained and imprisoned at any moment, for any reason, but they keep taking to the streets demanding justice, end of violence, the release of all political prisoners and a new election.

Their previous appearance in the city took place on 26 April, then they gathered for a rally to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy. The rally took place in the Malinovka microdistrict of Minsk, where the houses of those who relocated from the Chernobyl zone are situated.


Source: TUT.BY