Woman Talks Man Out Of Suicide By Asking Him On A Date

Love saves and it shouldn’t necessarily be a romantic one, sometimes it’s just a human attention that matter. On Wednesday, 14 February, a man called Grodno police and said he wants to commit a suicide.

The man, whose named is not disclosed, said he wants to end his life by letting gas into the apartment. Olga Gameza was the one who answered the call, she found out that the caller’s girlfriend has recently broke up with him and he was drunk.

Olga Gameza. Photo by uvd.grodno

Police officers were immediately sent to the address. Meawhile, Olga was playing for time, trying to convince him not to do what he planned to. Later the woman admitted that she was very worried he can hurt other people, since an explosion in a household could be catastrophic.

For about 40 minutes she managed to hold him on the line, constantly talking to him. The caller liked the dispatcher’s voice so much he finally changed his mind and suggested to meet the woman in person.

They agreed to meet at a local grocery store. The man who literally a few minutes ago was about to end his life instantly got ready and went to the store. However, the end of the story is not so romantic, because instead of Olga, there was a police squad waiting for him.

Source: uvd.grodno.by