Woman Who Sat Near Eternal Flame In Minsk Arrested For “Desecrating Monument”

The police detained a woman who was sitting at the Eternal Flame on Victory Square: she was wearing a white dress and had a white-red-white flag on her shoulders. The police qualified her actions as “desecration of the monument”, the telegram channel of the Minsk city executive committee’s department of internal affairs reports.

Criminal police officers monitored the internet and “revealed a video of a destructive nature.” It shows a woman sitting on a marble tile nearby the Eternal Flame in Victory Square in Minsk. She is wearing a summer white dress and a white-red-white flag on her shoulders. The video was published on 25 March, five days later the woman was detained.

“In her words, she wanted to hype on the wave of protest activity in Belarus. The young woman also admitted that she had previously taken part in unauthorized rallies,” said the first deputy head of the Partizansky district police department of Minsk, head of the criminal police Yury Arlovsky.

In a video shot by police, the unnamed woman said that she “is remorseful” and “does not advise anyone to repeat her actions.” It should be noted that the Interior Ministry of Belarus regularly publishes videos with the “confessions” of the detainees. As human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich earlier explained, such actions are “illegal and immoral,” and he advised to appeal against them.

According to the Law “On Internal Affairs Bodies”, the activities of internal affairs bodies are carried out on the principles of legality; respect and observance of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens; humanism.