“She Was Always Home, Didn’t Go Outside.” Woman, 67, Dies Of Coronavirus In Minsk

On 1 April, 67-year-old Olga Derevyanko from Minsk died. Two days before, she was taken to the 2nd clinical hospital with suspected pneumonia. The test for coronavirus showed a positive result, the husband of the deceased Eugene told TUT.BY.

At present, Eugene himself is in the 1st clinical hospital as a first-level contact. The fact that his wife was infected with a coronavirus, he learned only after her death.

According to the man, the spouse started to feel bad on 29 March: “In the morning, she felt fine, was busy in the kitchen. In the evening, Olya got a high fever – 39. We called an ambulance, a doctor came, examined her and offered to go to hospital, but Olechka refused.”

Olga Derevyanko and her husband Eugene. Photo: Vkontakte

The next day, the source said, a local GP took the temperature, checked the lungs and insisted on hospitalization. The man accompanied his wife to the 2nd clinical hospital.

“The therapist gave Olya an antipyretic and on the way to hospital the temperature dropped to 37,1. There were a lot of people in the emergency room. While waiting, we called our daughters, explained what had happened, laughed … It seemed that everything would be fine.”

The next day, on the morning of 31 March, Eugene brought his wife’s belongings but couldn’t meet her, since the hospital was under quarantine and visits were prohibited.

“My wife called, thanked for the package. After one o’clock in the afternoon I called her again – she didn’t answer. I called again – still no answer. I found contacts of the department, they told me that my wife was in ICU. They said that Olya had heart problems and lost consciousness.”

On the morning of 1 April, the hospital called and said that his wife died of heart failure and pulmonary edema. Later in the day they called again and told that his wife tested positive for coronairus and now he needed testing too.

“I was shocked because Olya was always home, didn’t go outside. Only once she went to a policlinic for a prescription.”

The man is still waiting for his test’s result, he has a fever and little cough. He and several other first-level contacts share a ward. Eugene, 65, works at the university. As soon as he found out about the results of his wife’s test, he immediately called his colleagues.

“They are now calling me, asking about the results. The university is still working, people keep coming. All this week I used the subway, buses. This is all very wrong.”

Today, on 3 April, the body of Olga Derevyanko was cremated.

“Olenka had diabetes, problems with the cardiovascular system. But she got spirit, a very good woman. Everything happened so quickly and unexpectedly. No one could imagine such a thing.”

According to the Ministry of Health, as of 3 April, a total of 351 cases of coronavirus infection were registered in Belarus. So far the agency has officially reported four coronavirus-related deaths.