Not Alone Anymore. Wolf Flees From Belarus To Start Family In Poland

In November 2017, scientists put GPS-collars on five wolves living in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, that allowed them to track movement of the wild animals.

Now we have a closer look at their private lives.

Since that time, a wolf named Mikhas left for Ukraine. The fate of another another wolf-emigrant named Redhead was covered by vouk.by.

In January this year, the Belarusian decided to emigrate to the neighbouring Poland.

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Chasing his dreams the daredevil swam across the Narew River and walked up to 50 kilometers.

Halfway to Warsaw Redhead finally settled in the woods on the outskirts of the Mazovian Voivodeship.

Why did the young wolf change his place of residence? Probably he couldn’t find a female or was disturbed by local hunters.

Anyway, as soon as in Poland wolf hunting is forbidden, the predator will feel more safe and peaceful there.

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It is confirmed by scientists from the international scientific organization CEwolf who found Redhead’s den.

They also assume that he probably became the father to several wolf cubs in the area.

However, the final answer to who is the actual father of the cubs (Redhead or another wolf from the pack), will give a genetic analysis.

Animals migration from one country to another are actually not so rare.

BelarusFeed published several stories about a Polish cow who escaped slaughterhouse to live with zubrs in Białowieża Forest.

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Photo credit: vouk.by