Window Washers Dress As Santas To Bring Christmas Cheer To Kids’ Hospital

This summer steeplejacks turned into superheroes to wash hospital windows and cheered up sick kids. Today they dressed like Santas to bring gifts and joy to patients of the Republican Scientific-Practical Center for Pediatric Surgery in Minsk.

The holiday season isn’t the most pleasant time to be visiting or residing in the hospital. But this Monday morning, something unexpected happened – a group of Santas dropped in on little patients.

They didn’t use the chimney and were literally hanging outside the windows to surprise children who needed their spirits lifted. This time the climbers had a day off, they didn’t wash the windows just brought gifts to kids.

“Actually, superheroes are some kind of plagiarism: our colleagues in Australia, America, and Russia also do this. I came across posts people washing hospital windows in superhero costumes now and then. At some point, I regretted we didn’t have it Belarus. Well, who shall it be if not us?” says Konstantin.

Gradually, a whole team of high-altitude entrepreneurs with big hearts gathered. “It’s not that difficult to put on a suit when working, especially if it makes someone happy,” Konstantin smiles.

“Our first visit was a hit. We then washed the windows of the pediatric oncology center in Borovlyany. There were two teenage mutant ninja turtles, Batman, Kickass, Thor, Captain America and Spider-Man,” Konstantin lists the heroes of the world-famous comics.

Another superhero Dmitry Konyushevsky is in the high-altitude profession for about seven years. He tells that kids react differently to fairy-tale characters outside the windows.

“Some are glued to the windows in awe. We can even have a little talk, share high fives or tap softly on the glass. Some are surprised, stare at us with big eyes and try to hide. Then, when you get inside, they run to you for a photo.

Such simple things are very important for children, it’s magic for them. The sequence is the following: magic gives faith in yourself, when you believe in yourself – improvements start to happen, it is easier to recover.”

Dmitry is a psychologist by profession. He explains that not only children love climbers in funny costumes: I am familiar with the psychology of medical facilities. For workers, our appearance is also an opportunity to switch off from work and relax.”

“You look at these sick children and understand that many of your problems are nothing. The customer didn’t pay you, the gasoline is of poor quality – all these are minor inconveniences, but there, in the wards, they have real problems to fight,” Konstantin says.

Source: TUT.BY