Wi-Fi Now Available In Minsk-Vilnius Trains

Stadler trains that run between Minsk and Vilnius now have wi-fi connection for passengers.

The fact was confirmed by travelers and Belarusian Railway.

Minsk-Vilnius Train wi-fi

“All six Stadler trains have been equipped with wi-fi,” the spokesperson for the carrier told the media. “We use those trains on different routes, including Vilnius.”

Passengers can assess internet after authentification via an SMS message.

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Belarusian Railway announced the plan to install wi-fi in all Stadler trans before 2nd European Games in spring 2018. The railway company is also holding talks with mobile providers to improve mobile connection along the railway routes.

Minsk-Vilnius train is a popular route often used by Belarusian travelers who catch low-cost flights to and from the Lithuanian capital.

Source: TUT.BY