How To Spend Your 30 Visa Free Days In Belarus

From now on tourists from 74 countries can stay in Belarus without a visa for 30 days. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your bags and use this small guide on what to do here for almost a month.

Make the most of your long Belarusian vacation.

1. Start your journey with exploring Belarus’s capital on foot. Print and use our four self-guided walking tours around the city’s must-see attractions.

The maps and short tips will help you learn about Minsk in ancient times, in the dark years of WWII, during the Soviet era, and get a glimpse of the city’s everyday life.

2. Visit Grodno. Feel like you’ve already seen everything Minsk has to offer and want a wider perspective? We suggest looking westwards to Grodno.

Get a glimpse of the city in this sweet video created for foreign guests by a brother and sister. Or use this interactive attractions map to choose your destinations.

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3.  Go to Brest. It’s another magnificent place where a visa is not required for 10 days (if you come via a Belarusian travel agency).

Dive deep into rich history of one of the most ancient cities in Belarus, walk along Belarusian Broadway and take a photo with a local lamplighter.

4. Dance at a music festival. This summer is packed with various fests you won’t want to miss. Check occasionally our Lifestyle section, to stay up to date.

5.  You like sightseeing, but historical and literary museums seem too boring? Well, these seven unusual museums won’t leave you indifferent.

Still not impressed? Well, try to bake your own perfect loaf of bread at the Belarusian museum of bread and taste it right off the stove.

6. See an experimental Soviet wind turbine, explore an upside down house, visit the only felt boots factory in the country and a village of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania times in one day.

Sounds impossible? Creators of this offbeat zubr shaped route think otherwise.

7.  Go straight to the city centre to take a walk along the newly designed pedestrain street.

8. Or travel off the beaten land tracks and swim through Minsk. Svislach river canoe route will undoubtedly bring you serenity and unforgettable memories.

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9. Jump in a time machine and go back to Belarus of 1920-1930s or explore top secret bunker from Soviet times.

10. If you are more into something modern. Get a drink at the most happening Zybitskaja street or take a selfie with murals at Kastryčnickaja.

Meanwhile, beer lovers cannot but love our hopped guide to Oktoberfest pubs and bars.

11. Visit Centralny shop to admire Soviet-style interior and unique blend of visitors, from local intellectuals to marginals.

You’ll maybe even dare to taste some coffee and pastries there. FYI, not far from it, there’s a spot where one can taste an alcohol infused ice cream.

12. Take a bite at Pesochnitsa or Sandbox, the hippest place with street food trucks in the city (so far).

13. See the city from above. You always can take a ride on the Ferris wheel in Gorky park or book a table with view.

14. See the entire country without leaving its capital.

Drop by Strana mini museum with interactive architectural models of Belarusian attractions, workshop and souvenirs.

belarus visa

15. Listen to classical music in the open air at Minsk Upper Town. Every Saturday, till the summer-end.

16. To watch how Belarusian beer, cheese or yougurts are made, choose one of the industrial tours to our plants and factories.

Besides, here you will have a chance to assemble your own tractor or drive a 220 tonne BelAZ.

17. Eat Belarusian with BelarusFeed gastronomic guides on the most authentic spots.

18. Don’t limit yourself with Minsk alone, visit cute small towns nearby.

To make it even more exciting, download one of the guide apps and listen to the stories about Belarus’ attractions.

19. Unite with nature and do some bird watching in numerous remote bio-reserves.

20. Try to make new friends. We promise to help you with that!

21. Buy a pack of cool postcards to learn Belarusian. Then send them to your friends and family to share your experience with them.

To master your language skills, learn these 15 phrases or even five tender love phrases that will leave your new Belarusian friends awed.

22. Visit four main castles in one day with a detailed ready-made route.

23. Check out cult places in the city where Soviet spirit is still alive and breating.

Find 8 more ideas for your Belarusian vacation that will make you feel like you’ve lived here for ages.

Make sure you plan your trip to Belarus well by using tips from one of these websites for tourists.

On your way to one of the least explored European countries, get some inspiration from these instagrams with incredible pictures of the country.

Don’t forget to do the quiz to check what kind of dranik or Lukashenko you are or whether you can date a Belarusian.

Photos by Viacheslav Mazai, by Artem Pryadko, Dimid Vazhnik