Couple Holds Wedding Ceremony On A BelAZ Truck (8 PHOTOS)

It is not a secret that every bride wants her wedding to be the best: the most beautiful, romantic or unusul.

Speaking of which, one young Belarusian couple just held their ceremony on top of a 260-ton dump truck!

The wedding of Artem and Kristina took place on the territory of BelAZ plant in Zhodino, Belarus. It is the first wedding on a truck in the 69-year history of the company.

By accident or not, both newly-weds work at the plant.

They met three years ago, when the bride, then a student, failed an exam at the university and was looking for a tutor.

She says they were really shocked when the local registry office offered to hold their wedding ceremony on the upper platform of a BelAZ.

“Of course, we agreed at once. Though we didn’t believe it would happed till the very last moment,” the groom said.

According to the head of Zhodino’s registry office, the idea of a truck wedding appeared in February.

“They propose on BelAZ trucks for a long time, but no one has yet held such an unusual ceremony.

So we contacted the management of the plant with our idea and they said ‘Yes’ immediately,” the registry office told the local media.


It is not yet known when other couples will be able to repeat the ceremony.

But citizens seem rather excited about it.

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