Watch “Die Hard” toughie pull world’s largest chopper (photos, video)

Mi-26, a Soviet/Russian heavy transport helicopter, is an impressive thing. Being the world’s largest transport helicopter, it can easily lift, say, a 8×8 wheeled BTR-80. The strongest Belarusian man Kirill Shimko decided he can handle this 35 ton bird — and he proved it at an airfield near Minsk on Monday.

The show took place at the arifield Lipki on 25 July. Even the hot weather did not prevent Kirill, a holder of several world and Guinness records, from staging an impressive performance.


He has actually dealt with heavier stuff before. For example, the athlete is famous for pulling a passenger aircraft Boeing-737, a train of five passenger cars, transport aircraft IL-76, and even BelAZ dump truck weighing 55 tons.


Kirill was not the only celebrity taking part in the challenge. The helicopter he was pulling has a Hollywood background: it was filmed in an action A Good Day to Die Hard with Bruce Willis released in 2013.

The preparations lasted for three weeks. “Mi-26 is pretty heavy and harder to pull than an airplane”, Kirill explained.


He dedicated his unique stunt to Belarusian pilots and rescuers, who were celebrating their professional holiday on that day.

A few tugs — and the machine followed the strongman, who pulled it 20 metres along the runway.