Belarusian Railway Launches New Trains From Brest To Prague And Warsaw

This December the Belarusian Railway expands its route network to Russia and countries of Western Europe, the Belarussian Railways press service reports.

New daily trains No. 126/125 Warsaw-Brest and No. 726/725 Brest-Minsk and No. 136/137 Prague-Warsaw-Brest (with Moscow-Prague through coaches) will start running on 15 December.

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The passengers travelling by these trains will be able to transfer at the Brest-Tsentralny station to train No. 96 Brest-Moscow and from train No. 27 Moscow-Brest.

From Warsaw, Warsaw-Brest train will depart at 12.51 pm and arrive at the Brest-Tsentralny station at 7.10 pm (hereinafter – local time). Brest-Minsk train will depart from Brest-Tsentralny station at 8 pm and arrive at Minsk-Pasažyrski station at 11.25 pm.

From Minsk, Minsk-Brest train will depart at 3.59 pm and arrive at Brest-Tsentralny station at 7.01 pm. Brest-Warsaw train will depart from Brest-Tsentralny station at 7.56 pm and arrive at Warszawa-Zachodnia at 10.29 pm.

From Prague, Prague-Warsaw-Brest train (under No 115) will depart at 10.23 am and arrive at the Brest-Tsentralny station at 12.47 am. From Brest, it will depart at 7.11 am and arrive at the Prague Main station at 5.39 as No 114.

Prague-Warsaw-Brest train will pass through Ostrava Main railway station (the Czech Republic), Terespol, Warsaw Central, and Katowice (Poland) stations.

A Minsk-Warsaw train ticket will cost BYN 44, which is about $22 0r €19.30, the price of a Prague-Warsaw-Brest ticket may vary depending on the euro exchange rate, as of today it’s BYN 134 (~$66 or €58.70).

Border and customs control for passengers of Prague-Warsaw-Brest trains will take place at the customs hall of at the Brest-Tsentralny station, while Warsaw-Brest passengers will undergo the procedure on the train at the Bug Park.