Two People Released After Meeting With Lukashenko In KGB Prison

The constraint measure has been changed for member of the initiative group of Viktor Babariko, businessman Yuri Voskresensky and director of the IT company PandaDoc Dmitry Rabtsevich. They were released, Belarus 1 reported.

This happened the day after Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to the KGB pre-trial detention center. According to Voskresensky, although the meeting with Lukashenko was tense it ended constructively.

The businessman said that he was instructed to prepare proposals for amendments to the Constitution and to outline approaches to the release of a number of persons who “turned out to be not as socially dangerous for our country as they seemed at first”.

Dmitry Rabtsevich intends to continue doing business, because the Hi-Tech Park has “all conditions to pay normal salaries, develop, build the future together.” Later it became known that both were released from the KGB pre-trial detention center, Voskresensky – under house arrest, Rabtsevich – on recognizance not to leave.

Recall that on Saturday, 10 October, Alexander Lukashenko met with detained representatives of the Coordination Council and joint opposition forces. The meeting was reportedly attended by 11 people.

In particular, ex-presidential contender and ex-head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko and his son Eduard, members of the Presidium of the Constitutional Court Lilia Vlasova and Maxim Znak, businessman Alexander Vasilevich and others.

The content of the conversation remains unknown. Over the past seven days, an interview with Yuri Voskresensky has appeared on the ONT TV channel twice. His wife, commenting on the businessman’s statements, said that her husband could have been subjected to pressure.

Source: TUT.BY