Visa-Free Entry To Augustow Canal Opens Today

One more Belarusian natural reserve has become visa-free for foreign tourists. The announced visa-free entry to the recreation park Augustow Canal in Hrodna region starts operating on Wednesday, 26 October.

Tourists can spend up to five days exploring the park, that spreads over a large part of the region including Hrodna.


7 FAQs On Visa-Free Entry To Augustow Canal

To enter the park visa free, foreigners must to obtain a permission that can be requested from Belarusian tour operators and travel agencies.

A special website on visa-free travel to the park has been launched. It contains a map with tourist sights, information for travelers and the list of tour operators.


The Augustow Canal is a 19th century cross-border canal between Podlaskie Voivodeship of north-eastern Poland and the Grodno Region of north-western Belarus. Currently the site offers numerous sightseeing and tourist attractions.

Its unsurpassed beauty comes from the landscape with coniferous forests and lakes, especially around the Biebrza and Netta Rivers.

The park from above

The decision to make entry to the Augustow Canal visa-free was signed on 23 August. The Augustow Canal is a second visa-free zone in Belarus after the national park Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where foreign citizens are allowed stay up to three days.