1000 Visa-Free Travelers From 24 Countries Flock To Brest To Enjoy Winter

About 1,000 foreigners grabbed the opportunity to visit Brest for ten days without visas in January and February this year.

And more are coming!

The tourists came from 24 countries. Most of them arrived from Poland, Germany, and Lithuania.

The boost was caused by extension of the visa-free travel time for foreigners for up to ten days starting this year.

Brest is waiting for you

To make stay of foreign guests more pleasant and comfortable, a travel pass has been developed and introduced.

It is sold at border checkpoints and offers discounts in Brest hotels and public catering outlets, on various tourism services and excursions.

Brest And Grodno 10 Days Visa-Free Regime. All You Need To Know

Among other things a tourism information website will go online in the near future.

So anyone will have a chance to choose from a variety of showplaces and entertainment spots before actually coming.

The local administration is currently doing their best compiling an action plan to attract more foreign tourists.

National economy engine

Tourism should become one of the engines of the national economy, the Belarusian Deputy Sports and Tourism Minister Mikhail Portnoi noted.

“We have an advantageous geographical position. We have created the necessary infrastructure. We should wisely use what we have.

I am convinced that visa-free travel options will play a positive role in efforts to export more tourism services.

I think Brest Oblast will gain a lot in this regard,” he stressed.

In 2017 Brest Oblast exported $13.4 million worth of tourism services, 13% up from 2016. Let’s see what 2018 will bring!