Over 54,000 Visa-Free Tourists Visit Belarus In 2017

Over 54,000 visa-free tourists visited Belarus via five-day visa-free program launched in February this year.

Let’s find out who came and what they did in the country which still remains a mystery for many travellers from all over the world!

Who are they?

The visa-free tourists came from 67 countries through Minsk National Airport.

  • The majority were German – over 8,000;
  • About 5,500 tourists arrived from Poland,
  • 4,500 were from Italy and 4,000 from the United States;
  • 3,800 came from the United Kingdom.

What Belarus can offer

There are 571 accommodation facilities for 38,600 places.

  • 2,279 farm tourist estates,
  • 275 hunting grounds,
  • over 480 health and wellness centers (which can accommodate ~47,000 people)
  • about 40 camping sites

Not to mention a wide variety of options on how one can spend his precious five days to get the most out of the hospitable country.

How do they entertain themselves?

Come to Belarus to learn something new, try something tasty and improve health!

“The most popular type of travel in Belarus is cultural and educational tourism.

Many specimen of the historical and cultural heritage have survived or have been restored.

Owners of farm tourist estates are doing their best to enrich the program of stay by offering national cuisine dishes, showcasing rites and traditions.

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Medical tourism has recently gained pace, too. Healthcare institutions offer paid medical services and advanced high-quality service.

This type of tourism is most popular with Russian tourists,” Marina Mastashova, a consultant with the tourism department at the Sport and Tourism Ministry of Belarus, said.

Why Minsk?

The capital of Belarus is considered to be the most visited city among the tourists.

Recall that the city has made it to the top 20 Global Sports Cities for the first time, according to the Sportcal Global Sports Cities Index.

Besides, The Times ranked Minsk among 30 great bargain city breaks, placing the country fifth.

In Grodno alone, where a visa-free program was launched in October last year, tourists spent over $10 million during the last 12 months.

Meanwhile, Belarus authorities are considering a possibility to extend the visa free regime for 30 days.

Sources: BelTAMyfin.by