360° Video. Virtually Walk Around XVII Century Castle In Belarus

Take a virtual tour of a spectacular Smolyany Castle, better known as Bely Kovel and learn more about this fantastic location. Enthusiast Ahrem Belabrovik showed what a castle in 17th century might look like.

“I used all the availbale sources, the previous research and reconstructions, the results of excavations and sketches of that time. We managed to find previously unknown images that showed the castle from the other side.”

Initially, it was planned to present a project at the National Museum of History. However, the exhibition was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it was decided to put the project in the public domain.

“We did it for emotions, to bring some positive vibes in dark times like these. That’s why I captioned the video on Youtube: “Don’t leave your Citadel! Everything will recover!” Just watch and be proud of your history and enjoy.”

belarus castles bely kovel

Bely Kovel by Napoleon Orda

The construction of the castle started in the 1620s. Nearby was the border with Russia, with which the the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth fought. Nonetheless, the architects created the residence of the Sangushko clan, and not military fortification.

Therefore, Bely Kovel had the Renaissance features. During the Northern War, the castle housed a garrison of the Swedes. In 1708, the Cossacks of Peter I looted the castle. After that, the Sangushko moved to Grodno, and the castle fell into ruin.

belarus castles bely kovel

Bely Kovel. Photo by Dmitry Moskvin

After the uprising of 1830-1831, the castle was confiscated and transferred into the posession of college assessor Vasily Semenov. His son sold a dilapidated castle “for bricks.” As a result, only the ruins of the highest five-tier tower remained to this day.