“Lick The Baton.” New Video Of How Police Treated Detained Protesters Leaked

BYPOL, a telegram channel of former investigators and law enforcers, published a new video on YouTube, which reportedly shows what was happening in the Frunzensky district police department in Minsk on 12 August.

“The authorities repeatedly tell the media that torture and violence were not used against the Belarusian detainees. At the same time, the BYPOL initiative received another video that testifies to the opposite. The video shows an inhuman criminal attitude towards the detainees,” the initiative reports.

The people in the video, including a minor and women, were probably kept in a gym. Some detainees are seen kneeling along the wall face-down on the floor, their hands are tied behind their backs, some are lying on the floor, their hands are also behind their backs. The women stand facing the wall, kneeling during interrogation. A person who hesitates to answer a question is beaten in the stomach and in the kidneys.

“If you don’t talk, b ****, it will be worse. You have two kidneys, but one life,” threats are heard.

“Lick the baton,” one of the men lying on the floor is told.

While the interrogation is underway, one can see an unknown person in civilian clothes and balaclava beating a man with a baton, screams are heard. The sounds of beatings, screaming, obscenities are constantly heard in the background. People are scared, many are trying to explain that they have not done anything illegal, some say that they were on the street by accident.

During interrogations, people are intimidated, threatened that “the children will not see their father for a long time.” One of the man in the video is badly beaten. He has an abrasion on the bridge of his nose, bruises on his forehead, a severely swollen face and lips. BYPOL representatives ask the Investigative Committee to respond to the video, to open a criminal case and conduct a full and objective investigation.

New Videos Of Confrontation Between Security Forces And Peaceful Protesters Emerge

Recall that earlier BelarusFeed published a story of Dmitry Morgunov, a native of Vitebsk, who was detained on 10 August and spent a day in the Frunzenskiy district police department. As the man recalled, all the detainees were put face down on the floor in the gym and were severely beaten. Dmitry was particularly shocked by violence of a riot police woman, her colleagues called her Kristina [as TUT.BY learned, the woman’s name is Karina, and she is a police employee].

“She was walking around us, forcing men’s legs apart. And she was beating us with a baton sadistically aiming at the groin. She would target the testicles and say, ‘You son of a b***!’ She punched one of the detainees, who was about 50 years old, in his genitals while standing on his legs. He showed me his injuries later. His entire groin area was black and blue. Karina seemed to be about 30 years old, with short, blond hair,” he said.

Earlier Pavel Latushko told that the Unified Crime Registration Book platform received “terabytes of videos” testifying to the illegal and brutal actions of security forces. He also said that they are now being studied and analyzed by former investigators, prosecutors and police officers. Recall that not a single criminal case has been initiated on the facts of beatings and violence against the protesters in Belarus. Many international organisations, including the UN, expressed concern about the ongoing violence in the country.

In particular, a representative of the agency stated: “In August we voiced our concerns that no action seemed to have been taken to investigate such reports and bring those responsible to justice. The latest developments only strengthen the sense that impunity for apparently widespread human rights violations committed during the protests and in detention continues unchecked in Belarus.”

In September, Yuri Karaev, who headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs until the end of October, said that “they are trying to troll us here with some bruises”. “They talk about the brutality of the Belarusian police. I would like to say that there is no more humane, restrained and cold-blooded police anywhere in the world, I am convinced of that.”

Source: TUT.BY