First-Person Videos From Inside Paddy Wagon, Dispersal Of Protesters Emerge

By_Pol, a telegram channel of former investigators and law enforcers, published riot police body camera recordings made this autumn. The video shows several episodes: how detainees are treated in a paddy wagon, the dispersal of a crowd of protesters near the Central District Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk and detentions on Independence Avenue. How the recordings became publicly available remains unknown.

The first video was filmed in a paddy wagon. It is difficult to determine the shooting date, but the video was most likely recorded before October – all the detainees are in warm clothes. There are 7-10 law enforcers inside the vehicle. More and more men are pushed into the paddy wagon, as a result there are more than a dozen of them.

Many are kneeling on the floor. At some point, law enforcers say that one of the detainees has bandages on his hands and walked with a flagpole-fishing rod. Then a man is brought in, who, judging by his voice, has already suffered. He emotionally asks: “Why do you break me, I haven’t done anything.” Two riot police officers beat him with a truncheon – he groans and says that he is in pain.

In the next video piece, the paddy wagon is already on its way, and one of the riot police officers starts “talking” with the beaten detainee. When the man lowers his eyes, the officer raises his head with a baton, asking several times: “Was it okay to jump?”

When the latter specifies where to jump, the riot policeman asks: “Where did you jump? Why are your hands tied and sprayed with paint?” Further, during the trip, he keeps talking to the detainee, hits him several times on the head and face, while his colleagues examine the contents of the phones of other men in the paddy wagon.

The second video dated 25 October, judging by the angle, was filmed with a body camera near the Central District Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk. Then, according to the statements of representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the building was attacked by the protesters.

One can observe how powerful laser pointers are shining towards the police, but no open confrontation is observed. Cuts from this or similar videos were used by law enforcement agencies in stories about the events of that day: the security forces throw flash-bang grenades and begin to move towards the protesters, and sounds similar to shots are heard. When they approach people, demands to lie down are heard.

The third video was filmed on 1 November after 2 pm [see the date and time plate in the lower right corner]. The recording was made between the Moskovskaya and Vostok metro stations; one can spot a building of the National Library. It was in this area that arrests were reported on that day. On that Sunday, protesters tried to march to Kurapaty. Riot police officers are in a police car [one of them has an object that looks like a pepper spray in his hands], a man in a traffic police uniform is driving.

The car is trying to catch up with the protesters, people coordinate their actions on the radio. Then the car stops, the security forces run out of it and help to catch the fleeing people. They brutally detain a guy, put him into the car, insulting him – he groans in pain. They take the guy’s phone away, brusquely ask what is in his backpack. It is noteworthy that the detainee politely responds to the police officer: “Let me take it off.”

Source: TUT.BY