VIDEO: Impressive Close-Ups Of Minsk Gates You Have Never Seen Before

These two grand buildings greet every traveler who arrives in the city by train. But few can see all the details of Minsk Gates closely.

Minsk Gates is an architectural complex in front of the Central Railway Station in Minsk.

The “gates” are two 11-storey tower buildings at the corners of adjacent apartment blocks.

Their present-day view is the post-WWII reconstruction in the Stalin Empire style.

Reconstruction works began in late 1940s. Architects curtsied to the history – before the 1917 Revolution there also were two towers facing the railway station.

One of the towers is decorated by 3.5 m trophy German clock, the largest in Belarus.

The top of the other one shows the coat of arms of the BSSR.

But most impressive are the sculptures on the four sides of the towers – a worker, a farmer, an engineer and a soldier silently watching the city life from above.

Video and photo: TUT.BY

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