VIRAL VIDEO: Medics Crawl Through Snow To Provide Medical Care For Patients

A video showing paramedics crawling through the snowdrifts to provide medical care to patients has already become viral. TUT.BY talked to one of the doctors: the woman explained what happened on the afternoon of 13 February in the agro-town Mikhalevo-2, where the cars of doctors and rescuers could not pass due to bad weather.

The video was shot near the agro-town Mikhalevo-2, which is about 12 kilometres from the city. According to locals, they called an ambulance for three people who had a fever. Rescuers carried medical supplies on a stretcher, while paramedics crawled to the house.

“The weather was terrible. We got a call from Mikhalevo-2, which is about 20 km from Bobruisk. A pediatric team was needed, and we had only one paediatrician that day, who was already visiting a patient. As a result, another team went.

We were warned that the road was covered with snow. They said that at the approach to Mikhalevo-2, a car of the Ministry of Emergency Situations would be waiting, which would clean the road,” said the doctor.

However, the car of the rescuers itself got stuck a few hundred meters from the highway – after it turned to the agricultural town.

“The wind was strong, blizzard. The snow was very dry and compressed. There were snowdrifts up to the waist. The car of the rescuers ran into this snowdrift and got stuck. What should we do? One of the rescuers said that there was nothing to do but to walk. He took a medical bag and was the first to crawl into the snowdrifts.”

The doctor said that they walked through the snow for about a kilometre, and in some places, she had to crawl on her stomach.

“We fell to the waist, fell on our sides. Therefore, it was easier to crawl. In the years that I have been working in an ambulance, this is the first such case. But our new winter uniform passed the test with flying colours: it was not wet, and it was not particularly cold,” added the woman.

The patients of the Bobruisk doctors were two children from the same family, the youngest was one-year-old. Fortunately, they did not need urgent medical attention.

“If anything, I can’t imagine how we would carry them in our hands to the car for a kilometre through these snowdrifts. Well, it’s good that the challenge was during the day, not at night.”

On this day, not only ambulance workers and rescuers but also local residents were trapped in snow not far from the P43 highway.

“While we were making our way through the field, we saw a man who tried to go around. But in the end, he gave up this idea and turned back.” 

The head of the Bortnikovsky village executive committee, Yevgeny Cherkas, told TUT.BY that last Saturday was a real test for the residents of the entire Bobruisk district.

“Snowdrifts were everywhere, they were removed by the workers of DRSU-171. I know that the road to Mikhalevo-2 was clear on Sunday morning,” he said.

This was confirmed by the residents of the agro-town, who said that now there are no problems with access to Mikhalevo-2. The regional representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as well as the mother of children who needed medical help, declined to comment on the incident.

Source: TUT.BY