VIDEO: Lukashenko Wins Ski Race After His Rival Falls Over Four Times In 30 Seconds

Alexander Lukashenko and his team claimed victory in the Minsk Ski Track 2021 winter sports festival that took place last weekend, as one of the rivals repeatedly fell over in less than a minute.

Photo: president.gov.by

One of the competitors in the Minsk Ski Track 2021 winter sports festival fell over at least four times in just 30 seconds, allowing Alexander Lukashenko to win. The video was first published by the “Pul Pervogo” telegram channel and widely shared on social media. Many believe that the unidentified man fell over on purpose several times in an apparent bid to present Lukahsneko with the victory, others said they feel sorry for him.

Unfortunately, journalists couldn’t identify the man or the team he competed for. Speaking to the state media, Lukashenko said: “It’s always difficult to win. Especially when you are being watched by millions of people, and excuse my immodesty here. It’s very difficult for me. But it makes people happy. That is my destiny. My job is to make people happier.”

Photo: president.gov.by

The 4x2km relay race is an annual event where groups from the Presidential Administration, ministries and various regional authorities compete against each other.

Source: TUT.BY