Body Cam Video: Riot Police Laugh As Lukashenko Appears With Tactical Rifle

By_Pol, a telegram channel of former investigators and law enforcers, published one more video from riot police body cameras. A new video shows the events of 23 August. On that day, more than a hundred thousand people went to the protest rally in Minsk.

Footage shows the moment when Alexander Lukashenko appeared in front of security forces standing in a cordon at the Palace of Independence. He then arrived into his Minsk residence in a helicopter carrying a tactical rifle and clad in a bullet-proof vest.

Before a meeting with riot police, Lukashenko watched the demonstrations from his helicopter pledging to “deal with” the protesters, whom he called rats. Accompanied by his 15-year-old son Nikolai Lukashenko, similarly armed, he then went to greet law enforcers.

The fact that Lukashenko will appear in person, apparently, came as a surprise to riot policemen. In their talks, they call him Vostok [East – Ed.], laugh, communicate with one another and comment on the situation. Read a text transcription below.

OMON 1: “Behind! You hear? A president!”

OMON 1: “The president is behind.”

OMON 2: “Really? Should I film him?”

Radio 2: “Repeat again.”

Radio 1: “Vostok is coming.”

Radio 1: “Attention, a fence, the first is coming.”

Radio 2: “Repeat again.”

Radio 1: “Vostok is coming! Be careful.”

OMON 3: “With a tactical rifle.”

OMON 4: “You don’t say!”

OMON 3: “Yeap.” [laughing]

OMON 4: “Wait! Careful, camera.”

OMON 1: “Where is he?”

OMON 2: “With a tacticle rifle!”

OMON 1: “Really?”

OMON 2: “With a tactical rifle!”

OMON 1: “Should I film it?”

OMON 2: “Yes, film that square.”

OMON 1: “Should I film it?”

Lukashenko: “Remove them, I say!” [Lukashenko orders to disperse people still standing in front of riot police – Ed.]

Lukashenko: “Remove them! Remove them, I say! Thank you guys!”

Unknown: “Two tenths, three people, come to me, now!”

OMON: “Run!”

Unknown: “Take them quick. Three more people to me!”

OMON: “Three more, real quick!”

Woman: “Mother!” [a woman standing nearby is heard screaming – Ed.]

Lukashenko: “Thank you, guys! Thank you!” [he repeats many times – Ed.] We will return the favour. Guys, thank you. Thank you very much!”

OMON 3: “Does he have a Kalashnikov or what?”

OMON 4: “A?”

OMON 3: “A Kalashnikov?”

OMON 4: “Yeap.”

OMON 3: “So he has seen everything from a helicopter.”

OMON 4: “Yeah.”

Lukashenko: “Thank you! You will still remember this day. Good things are still ahead of you, you mark my words. Thanks. But don’t relax.”

OMON 3: “Kol’ka [Nikolai Lukashenko – Ed.] is fully armed, ***”

OMON 4: “What?”

OMON 3: “He armed his son to the teeth, a gun, a machine gun.”

OMON 4: “Be quiet.”

OMON 4: “I didn’t recognise him first, too.”

Lukashenko: “You are heroes. Thank you!”

Recall that on 23 August, a protest rally of many thousands took place in Minsk. Natalya Eismont, Lukashenko’s press secretaty, then said that he “was in the Palace of Independence monitoring the situation, including the moment in the late afternoon, when the so-called protesters, one might say, kind of tried to storm the building”.