Vice PM: Belarus Has Good Chance To Enter WTO By Summer 2020

Belarus has a good chance to become a WTO member by summer 2020 and keep agricultural sector support at the same level,┬áBelarus’ First Vice Prime Minister Aleksandr Turchin said in the interview to local TV.

Support for agriculture is a key task.

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“We are determined to keep agriculture support at the same level, maybe even expand it a bit,” Aleksandr Turchin said. He added there is still space for concessions in the talks, whereas Belarus is aware of the lines it can’t cross.

Belarus is ready for a compromise, but without compromising its own interests, First Vice Prime Minister stressed.

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Turchin said that Russian and the USA have the most rigid stance in the talks, but it helps Belarus have a new angle on many issues.

“We’ve achieved significant progress in a short time,” the official said.

According to him, Belarus has a good chance to finish all the formalities by the Twelfth Ministerial Conference in June 2020 in Kazakhstan. The final draft of the agreement should be ready by 2019 year-end or early 2020.