Trump Wants To Stop All U.S. Financial Aid To Belarus By 2018

America may stop funding USAID program in Belarus and some other countries in 2018. $7.9 million allocated to Belarus may reduced by 100%, according to Donald Trump’s budget cuts proposal.

The documents were published by the Foreign Policy magazine, the media report.

One of the proposals on U.S. budget cuts includes complete stop of funding USAID programs in Belarus, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Poland, the Central African Republic and some other countries. In a number of states USAID funding may be significantly reduced.

According to Foreign Policy, President Trump’s idea of “America first” includes drastic cuts of financial aid to developing countries. However, the budget proposals for 2018 have to be submitted to Congress, and the magazine considers it unlikely that politicians will approve such a significant reduction.

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USAID is the lead U.S. Government agency which is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid. The main areas of USAID’s activity include financial support of trade, agriculture, economic growth, healthcare, emergency humanitarian assistance, assistance in conflict prevention and support for democracy in developing countries.

In Belarus the agency has operated since 1999. It supports activities aimed at creating a more democratic and free market-oriented society by helping to develop Belarusian civil society, the private sector and communities.