US Doubts Fairness Of Belarus Parliamentary Elections

john_kirby_state_department_2The US recognize “some improvements” but do not consider the electoral process in Belarus to be “free and fair”, John Kirby, Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson of the Bureau of Public Affairs, said in a statement on the Belarusian parliamentary elections.

“The United States welcomes the peaceful conduct of the September 11 parliamentary elections in Belarus.”

“We recognize some improvements in the electoral process, and we note that alternative voices will be represented in parliament for the first time in 12 years”, Kirby noted.

He added, however, that the elections fell short of the country’s “international obligations and commitments to free and fair elections, as detailed in the joint statement by OSCE/ODIHR”.

“We continue to encourage the Government of Belarus to undertake serious reform of its election law and processes in line with OSCE/ODIHR and Council of Europe Venice Commission recommendations”, the US official stated.


Strengthening Belarus’ democracy will reinforce Belarusian sovereignty and independence, which the United States unequivocally and firmly supports, and will pave the way to improved bilateral ties, he concluded.