U.S. Doesn’t Сonsider Anyone Legitimately Elected Leader Of Belarus

“Who does the U.S. currently consider to be the legitimate leader of Belarus?” The U.S. found it difficult to answer the question asked during a telephonic press briefing on the Moscow Mechanism’s report on Belarus. However, the representatives of the state noted that the policy towards Belarus remains unchanged.

Photo: Reuters

When asked by CNN reporter, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent said: “And in terms of legitimacy, I think it’s fair to say that we do not consider the election process on August 9th to have been free or fair.

The falsified results that were announced several days later cannot convey legitimacy on anyone, and therefore it is difficult for us to consider anyone claiming victory out of those August 9th processes to be legitimately newly elected as leader of the country”.

Besides, he stressed that U.S. policy towards Belarus remains unchanged.

“We support a sovereign, independent, prosperous, democratic country, and that has been the basis for our policy for the last several years and as we move towards having a more normal relationship with a full mission led by an ambassador,” said Kent.

He also answered a question about diplomatic relations between the U. S. and Belarus. According to the American diplomat, the decision on whether the U.S. will send nominated Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fisher has not been made yet. The U.S. Senate has to confirm Julie Fisher as the ambassador but the final vote has not yet been scheduled, he explained.