The Most Unusual Belarusian Maslenitsa of 2020

This year belarusians meet spring in an original way : on the narrow-gauge railway in Ditva!


A minsker Artem Slizkiy shows people small railways of Belarus. They was actively used during World War I to transport goods, soldiers and weapons. Over time, to use such a type of railway in passenger and cargo transportation was no longer required. The narrow gauge began to be used again in the 1960s, when people began to built peat briquette plants. In Belarus there are about 30 small railways now, and one of the largest of them (with length of about 30 kilometers) is in the Lida region. This year Artem chose it to combine his educational tour with celebration of Maslenitsa. His idea was supported by the Ditva peat-briquette factory.

Local people joined the tourists and they together took part in celebration activities: singing and dancing, eating pancakes and burning a winter scarecrow, of course!

It was pleasure for locals to see their place draws people attention. Each neighboring village used to celebrate Maslenitsa, but once it all ended. And here again, these places heard folk songs all around. And residents looked at the casual railways with a fresh eye.


Source: TUT.BY