Videos: Unknown Men Stick Official Flags On People’s Windows In Defiant Microdistrict

Looks like a ‘war’ with unofficial flags in Minsk rebellious neighbourhoods continue as people in green and red clothes were spotted in Novaya Borovaya sticking official flags on people’s apartments windows. Also, men in the same uniform were spotted in other locations around the city: they removed white-red-white flags and threw snowballs at the windows.

First people in green and red clothes were spotted in Novaya Borovaya microdistrict, where they were seen sticking official flags on the windows.

Then at some point, they started throwing snowballs in people’s windows [those who supposedly had white-red-white flags and other protest symbols on display – Ed.].

Later in the day, another video of the “green people” taking photos in front of a Novaya Borovaya sign emerged. Although it is unclear whether the video was shot before or after sticking flags and throwing snow in the windows.

However, not only Novaya Borovaya residents met unexpected guests in their yards today. Unidentified men in red and green suits were filmed surrounding and climbing a tree on Gorodetskaya Street in Uruchye [probably to remove a white-red-white flag – Ed.].

On Lopatin Street, they threw sticks to knock a white flag with a red stripe down the middle that was the official flag of Belarus for several years. Belarus’ official flag is green and red. The white-red-white flag one has been banned [but not outlawed – Ed.] by Alexander Lukashenko’s administration.

Just yesterday we recalled how utility workers, police and even firefighters have been fighting with white-red-white flags, ribbons and random objects recreating colours of the flag, which became symbols of a protest movement in Belarus after the presidential election on 9 August 2020, many believe was rigged to hand Lukashenko a sixth term after more than a quarter-century in power.

Source: TUT.BY