Photos, Video: Unknown Men In Balaclavas Attack And Detain People In Minsk Neighbourhoods

In Minsk, unknown men in balaclavas attacked and detained people in several districts tonight. There are reports of detentions in Uruchye, Novaya Borovaya, and on Pritytskogo Street. CCTV cameras in Novaya Borovaya recorded an unknown man in plain clothes threatening a local with a gun-like object.

“In our courtyard on Lozhinskaya street, they took all the men, our neighbours with whom we usually drink tea and talk in the evenings. Two minibuses and 30 people in balaclavas and sportswear came,” one of the eyewitnesses told TUT.BY.

The woman claims that one of those detained has two minor children left at home. A video shows the moment of several people being detained by unidentified men in Uruchye microdistrict.

Another Novaya Borovaya resident contacted journalists to report that unknown people in black clothes entered a courtyard of the Forrest block and took several people in an unknown destination.

The MotolkoPomogi telegram channel published a video and photos of detentions in a Vivaldi residential complex in Novaya Borovaya.

Reports indicate that at least four people were detained in the Zapad neighbourhood, and three people – on Pritytskogo Street. As of midnight, human rights defenders knew the names of at least thirteen people detained on Tuesday, 5 January, in Belarus’s capital.

Later one more video from Novaya Borovaya emerged: an unknown person in plain clothes attacks a girl trying to trip her up, kicks a man in the stomach and threatens him with an object that looks like a gun.

Source: TUT.BY