UPDATE: 85 Russians Who Flew From Minsk Denied Entry To Ukraine

Starting this week 85 Russians have been denied entry to Ukraine, the Belarusian border committee told media.

This Monday Kyiv denied entry to 12 Russian passengers, and 35 more were sent back on Tuesday.

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“As of this morning (28 November – BelarusFeed note), 38 more citizens of the Russian Federation have returned from Kyiv to Minsk. The situation is typical only for flights to Kyiv.

In other Ukrainian cities, where transit flights through Belarus are carried out, no returns were recorded,” said the spokesperson for the State Border Committee.

Nine of 38 returnees flew foreign airlines. The spokesperson noted that there were no returns of Russians who travel to Ukraine via Belarusian road and railway checkpoints.

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“About 80 citizens of the Russian Federation were unable to confirm the purpose of their journey when crossing the border. Some of them had invalid documents.

Those who illegally visited the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine were not only denied entry but also were subject to a travel ban,” the Ukrainian officials explained.

According to the Russian Izvestia, on Monday the Ukrainian side did not let about 30 Russians who arrived at Zhuliany airport by Belavia into the country. The airline had to send those passengers back to Minsk on the next flight.

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The State Border Committee of Belarus has confirmed the information about the return of some Russian passengers to TUT.BY.

“Almost 50 people since yesterday. That concerned four Belavia flights, mostly people were returned on Tuesday,” the spokesperson for the State Border Committee told journalists.

The Belarusian side had made all the necessary exit controls and had no further questions to the Russian passengers leaving Belarus.

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“The reason for denying them entry wasn’t specified. The State Border Service of Ukraine hadn’t notified us on any changes in the procedure of border crossing for foreign citizens, including from the Russian Federation,” the Belarusian side commented.

TUT.BY notes that Minsk airport is used for transit flights to Kyiv by the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA). No Russian citizens who flew from Minsk with UIA these days were denied entry to Ukraine, the State Border Committee said.

Escalation at sea

Russia and Ukraine stopped direct flights in October 2015. Since then, citizens of both countries are forced to transit through other states, quite often through Minsk.

The tension between Russia and Ukraine escalated past weekend after the incident between vessels from the two neighbouring countries off the coast of Crimea. On Monday evening, the Ukrainian government declared martial law in some border regions.

The EU politicians and the UN have urged both sides to step away from further confrontation at sea.

Source: TUT.BY