Talks On Conflict In Eastern Ukraine Resume In Minsk

The working groups of the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine have gathered in Minsk for a new round of peace negotiations on Wednesday, January 31.

Hoping for the best!

The talks will be followed by a meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group, which is considered to beĀ the only permanent format for resolving the conflict in the east of Ukraine.

At the previous meeting in Minsk on 18 January, the negotiators expressed hopeĀ that the year 2018 will be decisive for the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

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The subgroup on humanitarian affairs spoke positively about the prisoners exchange on 27 December last year and discussed the next steps.

The diplomats also stressedĀ considerable decrease in ceasefire violations during the festive season.

Other matters on the agenda included payments for water delivery as part of the Karbonit system,Ā the implementation of the so-called Steinmeier formula and the law on Donbass’ reintegration.


Representatives ofĀ Ukraine, theĀ Russian Federation, theĀ Donetsk People’s RepublicĀ (DPR), and theĀ Lugansk People’s RepublicĀ (LPR) signed theĀ Minsk Protocol, an agreement to halt theĀ war in the Donbass regionĀ of Ukraine, on 5 September 2014.

It was signed after extensive talks inĀ Minsk,Ā Belarus, under the auspices of theĀ Organization for Security and Co-operation in EuropeĀ (OSCE).

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The agreement, which followed multiple previous attempts to stop the fighting in theĀ Donbass, implemented an immediateĀ ceasefire.

Unfortunately, it failed to stop fighting in Donbass.

Source: BelTA