Diplomat Reveals How US Elections May Affect Relations With Belarus

Charge d’affaires of the United States to Belarus Robert Riley believes that the outcome of the presidential election in the USA will not drastically affect Belarus-US relations.

He made the statement at a reception held in Minsk on 8 November to mark the U.S. election.


The Charge d’affaires stressed that he could not predict the outcome of the election, adding that all want to see improvement in the mutual relations of the two countries.

At the same time Robert Riley believes that the relations between the United States and Belarus do not depend on some particular person. “They depend on the joint work we can do to improve them. The U.S. foreign policy does not depend much on who takes up the presidential post in the country”, he noted.

Robert Riley and his wife cast their votes by mail nearly a month ago. The Charge d’affaires added that the election day is of special importance for the American people. It is a tradition to mark this day with such meetings worldwide.

Source: BelTA, TUT.BY