Two Marc Chagall’s paintings go on display in Vitebsk

The presentation of two paintings by Marc Chagall became one of the first important exhibition projects of 25th international festival of arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk. It took seven years to bring them to Belarus from Pskov in Russia.
The exhibition opened in Vitebsk Art Museum on Tuesday, 12 July. Talks with the Pskov State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve lasted since 2009.
City residents and guests of the festival have a unique opportunity to see the two early works by Marc Chagall from the so-called Vitebsk cycle. Art critics appreciate this cycle most of all, and the paintings of this period are the most expensive.
The paintings brough to Vitebsk are “Black Lovers” dating back to 1914-1915 and the famous scenic work “Bathing of a Baby” created in 1916. Both are on display in Belarus for the first time.
They will be on display till 14 August.
On the same day the museum hosted the openings of two other exhibitions by prominent Belarusian artists — Yehuda Pen and Ivan Khrutsky.

Source: TUT.BY