UPD: Daughter Of TUT.BY Editor Detained As Suspect In Criminal Case On Mass Riots

On the morning of 8 September, security forces tried searched the apartment of Galina Ulasik, the editor of the TUT.BY news department. As it turned out later, her daughter is a suspect in a criminal case on mass riots.

UPD: As follows from a warning addressed to LLC TUT BY MEDIA, Valeria Ulasik is not a suspect in a criminal case on mass riots, as previously reported. The criminal case was initiated by the Investigative Committee under Art. 293 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus on the facts of riots that occurred from 08/09/2020 to 08/12/2020 in Minsk.

On 8 September, searches were conducted in the apartment where Valeria Ulasik lives with her mother “in order to verify the information about her involvement in organizing the riots in Minsk city,” the Ministry of Information said in a warning.

The search order indicated that searches were conducted in a criminal case, but Valeria’s status was not specified. However, Interior Ministry officials who conducted searches said that Valeria was a suspect in a criminal offense. She herself confirmed this information to journalists before beign taken to a police department.

Note that during the day on 8 September, TUT.BY journalists repeatedly tried to clarify Valeria’s status in the Investigative Committee, but to no avail. However, the information was sent to the Ministry of Information.

As Galina told her colleagues, in the morning someone persistently banged on the door and rang the doorbell, but since she was not expecting anyone, she did not open the door. The neighbours told her that they saw three men with balaclavas over their faces at the entrance.

Half an hour later, the doorbell started ringing again. Galina and her daughter Valeria managed to report that the security forces are trying to get into the apartment, they have a search warrant, a criminal case has been opened. After that, communication with both of them was lost.

At 9.55 am, two police officers took Valeria Ulasik out, put her in a car and drove away, she managed to tell the TUT.BY reporter that she was detained under Art. 23.34 of Administrative Code (*violation of the procedure for organising or conducting mass events) and as a suspect in a criminal case on mass riots.

The apartment was searched, a lawyer arrived. “They took away all the gadgets, including a laptop, which had already been taken away in the BelTA case two years ago,” said Galina Ulasik. It was later reported that the security forces have no claims against Galina Ulasik.

The moment attesting witnesses and the investigation team are leaving the house of the TUT.BY editor and her daughter:

The Ministry of Internal Affairs was not available for comment. The Investigative Committee representatives said that they have no information on this matter yet. The Prosecutor General’s Office was also unable to promptly comment on the situation.

Source: TUT.BY