Treasure Trove With Gold Coins And Jewelry Found In Grodno Centre

A massive treasure trove with more than 30 gold coins and jewelry was uncovered in the center of Grodno.

Note for treasure hunters – this is the 24th trove found in Grodno!

Construction workers unearthed stunning artifacts while breaking down a wall plate of an old building at 2nd Trudovaya Street.

Vladimir Strakhovich who spotted a box but did not pay attention to it first, described the moment when he realised he found the largest treasure in Grodno recently.

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“It was small and unattractive. But when I shook it, something jingled inside. When I opened the box, I was very surprised,” he said.

Shortly afterwards police officers and museum specialists arrived on the site to explore the remarkable treasure.

The box contained about 30 gold coins dating back to the 18th-19th centuries, over 10 pieces of jewelry, and documents of the early 20th century.

Specialists are still acessing the value of the hoard. “The building constructed in 1894 was bought at an auction two years ago.

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It took two years to prepare the project documentation. This year we have obtained the construction permission.

There are plans to build a healthcare center here in the future,” the building owner Olez Razin said.

The building is situated in the historic center of Grodno. Wealthy and well-known people lived in this area in the past. Presumably, the trove belonged to a Jewish family.

“When starting on the works, we joked that maybe we would have luck and find a treasure. But we did not think about it seriously,” Oleg Razin added.

If the treasure is valuable, the 25% that will be given to those who found the treasure or will be invested in the development of the healthcare center.

Source and photos: BelTA