It’s Sooo Much Cheaper! How Much Will $100 Get You In Grodno As Traveler?

Think traveling is only for the rich? Well, Conor Clyne from the Northern Ireland will prove you are wrong. At least if you are happen to be traveling around Belarus.

Travel cheap without sacrificing fun and adventure!

Conor Clyne is a frequent guest to Belarus and this time he visited Grodno, where a foreigner can stay up to 10 days without a visa.

The vlogger took a trip around the city and counted how much a traveler can afford here on $100.

As many of us Conor can’t imagne his life without coffee, so he starts his day in Grodno with a cup of flat white that costed him BYN3 or $1,5.

What is next? Transport. Since there’s no Uber in the city the enthusiastic tourist took a taxi and enjoyed his trip for the price of the coffee.

Actually, the price is basic anywhere in the city but if you want to go beyond the borders of the city centre – just double the cost.

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Accomodation. A decent one bedroom room apartment or a nice studio on the main street or not far from it go for $20-25 for a day.

And yes, you can always choose a flat or house that suits your taste and budget on Airbnb.

Food. A two-course meal in a fine restaurant with a plenty of dishes to choose from and nice service is about $25.

When the evening falls and you are ready to taste some local cocktails, be sure to have BYN9 or $4,5 for a drink and better in cash.

Beer lovers would be glad to know that a bottle of some brewed drink will cost you about BYN4, which is just a couple of bucks.

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Feeling like you need to quench your cultural hunger? One visit to Grodno museum is about BYN4,50 or $2,50.

And finally, responding to the question, “What can you actually get for your $100 or €80 in Grodno, Belarus?” Conor gives a rather comprehensive answer.

To know more about the city and its attractions, check out our extremely useful guide on Grodno and around.

Don’t limit yourself with Minsk alone, explore the country with us!

You can watch full video about Conor’s trip to Grodno at his Youtube vlog Language Tsar.