15 Useful Travel Articles You Could Have Missed On BelarusFeed

More and more tourists are coming to Belarus – so there are more and more questions related to travel people ask. We’ve decided to look back and see what articles BelarusFeed has on the topic.

It appeared, we have some! Either you are a first-time visitor or have already been to Belarus before, you will certainly find this information helpful.

Visa-Free Entry And How To Use It

Since the beginning of 2017, citizens of 80 states, including all EU countries, the USA, Canada and other countries, can use the 5-day visa-free travel option.

The requirements are just a piece of cake compared to the regular visa process.

Just check if your country is in the list and what 3 or 5 documents you need to have on you in our detailed FAQ – and you’re welcome!

If you still have questions – say, how to count the duration of your stay or prove your financial sufficiency – check these answers of the border authorities to users’ questions.

Supposing you’re planning a tour to Poland or Lithuania and would like to see Belarus, but you’re not keen on flying to Minsk, consider entering Grodno region visa free instead. Western Belarus is amazing!

If you’re doubting and find a trip to Belarus a risky adventure, the experience of other visa-free travelers might make you reconsider.

And hey, this quick, concise and practical 5-day guide around the country, too!

What To Do And Where To Go

First impression is extremelly important, so here’s a guide around Minsk airport. It explains how to get to the city, where to exchange cash or find other services you might need.

Once you’re in the city, be prepared to make the most of your stay!

Explore it thoroughly with the help of four printable walking tours, shop for souvenirs and enjoy Belarusian cuisine in the typical restaurants.

More experinced travelers might want to dive deeper and spend their time in Minsk like locals.

To easily find your way around, first find the nearest free wi-fi. Or buy a local sim card to feel completely independent.

Leave Minsk To See More

Why limit yourself to the capital alone?

Try to see Belarus from different sides: by visiting cute small towns, or touring the legendary industrial giants, or even doing some bird watching in remote natural reserves!

Don’t just look – download one of the handy guide apps and listen to stories about the country’s many attractions.

One last piece of advice: make sure you plan your trip to Belarus well, for example, by using tips from one of these websites for tourists.

Finally, while of board of the plane heading to one of the least explored European countries, get some inspiration from these instagrams with incredible pictures of the country, and do the quiz to check what kind of dranik you are (no kidding!).

Now you’re 100% ready to open Belarus!

Title photo: Viacheslav Mazai