Get To Know Your President! Try Tourist Route Around Lukashenko’s Birthplace

Ever wanted to get to know Belarus President Aleksander Lukashenko better? Well, lucky you, a new tourist route to see where one and only leader of the country was born and raised is underway.

Life before the presidency.

Explore young Aleksander Lukashenko’s life by visiting his birthplace, the school he attended, his boyhood home and museum.

Learn how it was growing up in rural Belarus and how it formed the character of a future president. The ‘Native Land’ tour exists for several years now but is continually improving and expanding.

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It starts in Shklov historic-cultural museum, then goes to the president’s birthplace – Alexandria agro-town, and the Trofimova Krinitsa spring well, once beautified by Lukashenko’s grandfather.

The school where President Aleksandr Lukashenko studied

The house built in the image of the president’s childhood house

One will have a chance to sit behind the desk where the president used to study, learn about his academic performance and hobbies.

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After a sightseeing tour across the neighborhood, it’s time to drink some fresh water from the spring well.

The Trofimova Krinitsa spring well

The path to the Trofimova Krinitsa spring well

By the way, President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev who visited the well this year commended the place and the reception. Unfortunately, the house where Aleksander Lukashenko grew up as a child was not preserved.

It was demolished and a new similar to the previous one was built on the site. This is private property closed to visitors. Still, you can take a glimpse of it in Alena Lanskaya music video.

Source: zviazda.by