Officials Reveal When Tourist Registration Term Will Increase To 10 Days

The changes regarding the increase of the registration period for tourists in Belarus from 5 to 10 days are expected by the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019, officials announced.

The relevant plans were announced last week.

foreign tourist taking a picture in minsk

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Foreign guests will be able to spend 10 days without registration starting December 2018 or January 2019. At present they have to register with police if their visit exceeds five days.

According to Vitaly Naumchik, First Deputy Head of the Department of Citizenship and Migration at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, these changes are not linked to the 5-day visa-free stay introduced in February.

“The work on the bill (with registration rules – note BelarusFeed) began in January this year. In June we submitted it to the Council of Ministers,” the official said. 

He added that Belarus is not “lagging behind the global trends and is liberalizing migration legislation to some extent”.

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Currently, tourists who come to Belarus have to register in police if they stay in the country for longer than five days. The registration costs 23 Belarusian rubles (~$12).

Authorities draw attention to the fact that all days are taken into account, except Sundays, public holidays and holidays, established by Belarus President.

The requirement does not apply to those tourists who enter Belarus visa free for 5 days.

Source: TUT.BY