Where To Take Photos In Minsk? The Top 10 Instagrammable Places

Looking for the most Instagrammable places in Minsk? Lucky you, you’ve just found them! Check out this Instagram photo guide to the 10 hottest digital spots in Belarus capital.

Cause what’s the point, if it doesn’t get published on Instagram, right?

Gorizont factory

Do you want to become a part of Minsk hipster crown, taste some delicious street food and take plenty of great photos? If so, drop by Pesochnitsa and enjoy the vibe.


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Besides, there is KORPUS Cultural Centre across the road, which is simultaneously cool both inside and outside with street and contemporary art as “a side treat”.

Light figures

Bright lights, big city, you cannot leave Minsk without seeing it at night. Be it a mighty zubr, giant book, sparkling truck or horse with a carriage – light figures are a perfect reason to walk along the streets and take some photos that will blow up your social.


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Also, you shouldn’t worry about your safety at night time, Minsk, as well as the rest of Belarus, is considered to be one of the safest places on earth.


A cozy atmosphere, everything around is permeated with romance, every corner is a piece of art worthy to appear at your Instagram account.


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Don’t hesitate, musicians on the walls of Krasnyi Dvorik, lovely lights and graffiti of Lauka’s Dvorik will be a great background for your photos.

Tsoi Wall

The spirit of Russian rock, the lyrics of Kino’s songs and portraits of Viktor Tsoi, the pioneer of the post-punk in the USSR, all that is Tsoi Wall.


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Публикация от Denis Blisch. Minsk, BY (@blisch)

So when strolling around Lyahovski square, don’t forget to take a couple of photos for your Instagram and caption it with legendary “Tsoi is alive.”

Botanical garden 

Real tropics with palm trees, unusual cacti, and colorful parrots are waiting for you to take a picture of them in the centre of Minsk.


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Публикация от Electric Fairy (@photograph_fairy_)

Go straight to the greenhouse of the National Botanical garden, don’t forget to have at least 7 BYN (which is about $3,5 as of 19 March 2019) in your wallet to get in.

Minsk bike path

Having fun, working out and taking fantastic pictures at the same time… What can be better? Jump on your bike or rent it here to explore one of the city’s cycling routes.


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Minsk bicycle path goes along the river Svisloch and offers the most picturesque locations. Before taking a photo, don’t forget to get off your bike!


Sometimes a perfect shot is right in front of you, all you need is just to open your eyes.


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The colonnades of The National Art Museum, The National Botanical Garden or The National Academy of Sciences are actually remarkable.

Play around with where you position yourself along the steps to get the most Instagrammable perspective.


One of the most stunning city areas, Osmolovka has its own atmosphere of peace and serenity which cannot be compared to anything else.


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Публикация от Olka Kuryan (@ogi_by)

If you are a big fan of vintage photographs on film, this fancy district should definitely be on your must-visit-take-a-photo list.

Azgur museum

There is no possibility of getting here accidentally – you shall know about this place to get here.


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Публикация от Женя Куриленко (@eughenia_key)

Sculptures of Stalin, Lenin, generals and marshalls gathered in a single room will easily bring you back to the Soviet era and give you unforgettable memories.

By the way, occasionally they have movie screenings, theater plays and poetic readings there.


Unlike other glamorous Minsk districts, Traktorozavodskoy Poselok is known for its cozy and green neighborhood with tiny houses and khrushchyovkas.


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Most residents of the district are the workers of the Tractor Plant or their offsprings. Walk around the area, pay attention to fancy balconies covered in flowers, empire pilasters, bay windows and arches.

Text by Vlada Dul.