The Times Names Minsk Among 30 Great Bargain City Breaks For Brits

“Bored by Paris and Rome? Then try a weekend getaway to Tallinn or Minsk — for less than £250,” the British newspaper writes.

Excellent choice!

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The first reason in favor of a weekend in the Belarusian capital is that there are very few documental formalities now.

“British citizens no longer need a visa to visit Belarus,” the Times writes.

Minsk can lure tourists with “futuristic architecture alongside Soviet-style tower blocks and murals” and numerous postwar monuments.

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Journalists advise travelers to book a ticket to the Opera and Ballet Theatre and praise local food:

“The food is good too, with restaurants serving solyanka — a spicy, sour Russian soup — and gravy-dipped pancakes.

At night follow the locals towards the many German-style beer taverns.”

As for the prices, a night in a modest hotel would cost about £33. Belarusian Airlines has returns from Gatwick from £150, the Times writes.

In the list Minsk neighbors Bulgarian Varna and Burgas, Italian Olbia and Modica, Bratislava, Malmo, Bucharest, Krakow and other European cities and towns.

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Preview photo by Dimid Vazhnik.