Svetlana Tikhanovskaya On EU Sanctions: It Is Mockery, Lukashenko Regime Is Laughing

Ex-presidential candidate and democratic opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya called the sanctions imposed by the European Union against the Belarusian leadership insufficient. She stated this in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya believes that the steps taken by Brussels against the official Minsk are “derisory”.

Photo: Telegram channel of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

“Only 90 people are under sanctions. It’s a mockery, the Lukashenko regime is laughing,” she said.

She added that Western countries should “end financial support for the Lukashenko regime” and impose new sanctions against government officials involved in human rights violations, as well as judges passing sentences in politically motivated cases.

“It was very important that the international community did not recognize Lukashenko as the legitimate winner in the elections. They supported us, but did not want to solve the problem,” said Tikhanovskaya.

She also called on the West to provide additional support to opposition media outlets, human rights defenders and strikers. Earlier today, Head of the People’s Anti-Crisis Administration Pavel Latushko said that the fourth package of sanctions will be discussed at a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers in Brussels on Monday, 22 February.

“A procedure for preparing the sanctions package is confidential, but it can be assumed that the EU will expand the sanctions lists of judges and officials, as well as security officials. Moreover, the EU, acting rather cautiously in terms of sanctions, approached the elaboration of an integrated legal approach extremely seriously,” wrote Latushko in his telegram channel.

He also noted that a number of EU countries won’t limit their restrictive measures to sanctions only. “An international mechanism is already being created to investigate the crimes of the special services and the Ministry of Internal Affairs against the Belarusian people, in particular, a corresponding factual evidence base is already being actively created.”