This New Cool Wrist Watch Will Blow Up You Mind

Famous Belarusian brand Luch has presented a new collection of wrist watches that “turn back time”.

The watches will certainly puzzle their owners at first – because they run counter clockwise!

The collection is designed for women and includes four models – a classical black watch and as well as models with beige, green and purple belts, all made by hand.

The case of the watch is made of high quality brass and coated with a gold-colour titanium nitride.


The collection will go on sale starting October 22.


Clocks traditionally follow clockwise sense of rotation because of their predecessor, the sundial.

According to clock magazine PAM65, the problem of choice between two directions of rotation was widely discussed in XIX century, and the final choice was made only in the twentieth century. Clocks whose hands revolve anticlockwise are nowadays sold as a novelty.

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It is not the first time Luch is presenting original collections.

Other interesting watches designed by the brand include models with traditional Belarusians motives – stylish interpretations of amulets and patterns used in old days.