This Guy Sells Belarusian Draniks At a Christmas Market in Switzerland (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

When one comes to Belarus, they can easily fall in love with the country. Or fall in love here. Or both! 

Stefan is a German guy who has travelled to Belarus several times. Starting 2015, he has visited Minsk and several other places.

As cooking is his hobby, the most recent visit to the country inspired Stefan to master a favourite Belarusian recipe – draniki with topping. In Belarus the man cooked them for his Belarusian girlfriend.

But as he returned to Switzerland, where he lives, Stefan decided to take the Belarusian food along. So he is now cooking and selling them at a Christmas market in Basel!

draniki 1


Stefan says he also gets inspiration to cook Belarusian because of a music band Belo Mir from Minsk. Musicians live in Switzerland and perform in the streets of Basel.


I love your country and start speaking Russian. Greetings to Belarus from Basel!”, Stefan wrote. So if you’re in Switzerland and feel nostalgic about potatoes, you know whom to look for!