Third Death Penalty Carried Out In Belarus In 2016

Relatives of the convict Siarhei Khmialeuski have told Belarusian human rights defenders that the man had been executed, Viasna Human Rights Centre, banned in Belarus, writes on Tuesday.


“They haven’t received letters from Siarhei Khmialeuski for more than a month. Last week, when they went to prison to hand him some money, the guards took it. Today they went there again to be told that the sentence had been carried out”, human rights activists told the media adding that for a month there’s been no information about one more convict, Henadz Yakavitski.

Meanwhile, on August 3, the UN Human Rights Committee confirmed the registration of an individual communication submitted on behalf of Siarhei Khmialeuski, and asked Belarusian authorities to postpone the execution of the convict while his case was pending in the Committee.

The Minsk Regional Court sentenced Siarhei Khmialeuski, 31, to death for the brutal murder of three people in November 2014. The death sentence was imposed after a review of the criminal case, in which Khmialeuski was sentenced to life imprisonment.

On May 6, the Supreme Court confirmed the death sentence.

The information about Khmialeuski’s execution comes a day after the information about the execution of another death convict Ivan Kulesh, 28. The execution of the latter reportedly took place on 5 November.

This has risen the number of executions carried out in Belarus this year to three. It is the only country in Europe still applying death penalty