3 Minute Guide On Tips And Things To Do In Minsk, By Australian Magazine

Australian Traveller magazine created a three-minute guide on tips and things to do in Minsk. Let’s see whether the author of the article managed to surprise you with her findings or you can already consider yourself an expert of Belarus’ capital.

What to watch, where to eat and what to do in Minsk.

Why Minsk?

Well, it’s all about visa-free travel.

“With the introduction of the five-day visa-free entry for citizens of more than 80 countries (including Australia), there hasn’t been a better time to visit this surprising capital.”

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The magazine can’t help but to mention the Brutalist architecture of the Soviet-era but notes that the city has a progressive edge.

“Contrary to its bleak reputation you’ll find a clean and modern city with fashionable cafes, bars and galleries, and an entire neighbourhood of striking street art,” Kerry van der Jagt writes.

What to visit?

The Australian journalist suggests visiting the Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War to learn the story of hardship and heroics during Nazi occupation.

Or you can drop by the National Art Museum or the Miniature Museum. For the best of Soviet-era architecture she advises to walk along Praspyekt Nezavismosti.

Those who are more into religious architecture should decide in favour of the Church of Saints Simon and Helena, aka Red Church.

What to eat?

Draniki, of course.

The authour reveals insider information on where to eat homemade like draniki or take a cup of cofffee in secret is a secret place run by an ex-Soviet pilot.

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“Zybitskaya Street is the lively restaurant and bar district, but for forest berries, smoked meats, spices and nuts head to Komarovka markets.”


There are two must-dos in Minsk. Firstly, drink vodka – everything from Minsk Kristall to herb-infused balsams at the Tsentralny supermarket.

Secondly, spend an evening at the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre, one of Europe’s biggest theatres.

Where to catch some art vibes, admire the most atmospheric part of the old ton and other handy tips can be found in the original article.